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For Greenwich, Fairfield, Stamford & the Surrounding Area

If you are starting down the road of building a new home, your focus is always on the things you want and need. Adequate bedrooms for your kids or family members, a stylish and functional layout, high-quality products and materials that will last for the long haul.

During this process, will you consider HOW YOUR HOME WILL BE BUILT?

A little care and attention at the start of your design will payoff immensely when you are living in your new home. The Future of Building, LLC utilizes cutting edge technology and innovative products that will make sure you get an energy-efficient home that provides an unparalleled indoor environment. Our high performance home building techniques provide quality construction with a focus on energy efficiency.

Learn More About Our Sip Panels

• The Future of Building utilizes Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to replace the exterior wood framing and insulation of a house or building. The panels are used in place of the exterior walls and roof, resulting in a super insulated structure. Our High Performance Homes generally perform 65% or better than the newly adopted energy code requirements in the state of CT. That means minimal energy needed to heat and cool your home.

• Not only does SIP home construction provide immediate and long-term cost savings, it also provides premium indoor air quality and a comfort that cannot be surpassed. SIP homes are certified by the American Lung Association as "Health Houses" for indoor air quality. Our homes are tightly sealed from outdoor air pollutants. We bring air in using mechanical air supply, which conditions and filters the air inside.

You will be in control of the air that enters your home, instead of letting polluted air infiltrate your living environment.

Each Project is the Sum of its Parts

• The substantial reduction in heating and cooling energy is achievable because SIP panels provide a continuous layer of high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation laminated with hot glues between sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The sum of the foam, OSB and hot glues result in a building panel that is not only highly energy efficient but also structurally sound.

• SIP buildings outperform conventional wood-framed construction in structural integrity. SIP homes are generally 30% to 50% stronger than conventional wood framed construction.

• SIP buildings are approximately 50% faster to erect than conventionally built structures and produce 50% to 70% less jobsite waste.

• SIPs can be used in ANY architectural design, making SIP construction accessible to all custom home types. If you can design it, we can build it with The Future of Building, LLC. Our in-house drafting department will convert your architectural design into shop drawings that will be used by our automated machinery to produce your structure.

Schedule an appointment today to find out how easy and convenient it is to build your home with The Future of Building, LLC.